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The most suitable choice On the Istanbul swimming tour, you will find the best spot to swim in Istanbul, no crowds, no traffic jams, and it is completely private. Enjoy the private Bosphorus cruise during the private Istanbul yacht tour. Swimming on public beaches, private beaches, Ada Beach, Solar Beach, Burc Beach, and Sun Lounger may require an entry charge in Istanbul. If you choose a private yacht day tour, you may swim in the Marmara Sea throughout the day. 
Istanbul has four seasons, with the summer temperature hovering at about 35 degrees Celsius. Romos Travel plans a swimming trip near the end of the Bosphorus, where you can see the Black Sea, because Istanbul only has a few small beaches.
We’re asking whether the European or Asian sides are better for swimming. We will pick you up from your hotel and take you to the private boat, where we will board and begin the trip with our experienced, professional crew. 
You may customize the tour package by adding lunch and determining the length of the tour. Bring your own bathing suits, snorkel, and perhaps a fishing rod for a memorable experience that you will remember for a lifetime. During the cruise, we will give you tea and coffee aboard the boat.

The Swimming Tour in Istanbul

The best tour for swimming on the Bosphorus! The best area to swim in Istanbul, with no crowds, no traffic jams, it is completely private; feel the Bosphorus all to yourself! 
Views of the Bosphorus, pavilions, palaces and private kiosks are available. 
You may have breakfast in the morning, have a nice lunch break, or enjoy a sunset supper with your spouse, family, or friends. 
We can easily handle boat/yacht types ranging from 1 to 400 people based on your needs. 
We might offer extra services like an orchestra, laser show, drone video, belly dancer performance, and Turkish Night Shows. 
Enjoy your stay in the heart of Europe and Asia, where the Bosphorus is known…