Bosphorus Dinner Cruise

Visitors to Istanbul for the first time first see the historical monuments on the historical peninsula. But to understand why Istanbul is so important in history, it is not enough to visit this region. Because all these palaces and religious buildings built in Sultanahmet are the results, not the cause. In order to understand the beauty and strategic position of Istanbul, it is necessary to make a Bosphorus Tour in Istanbul.

Thus, urban life, which for centuries was limited to the historical peninsula and Galata region, was the 19th century. You can also observe how it has spread to the shores of the Bosphorus throughout the century. Because when the sultan left the traditional Topkapi Palace and settled in Dolmabahçe Palace, development on the shores of the Bosphorus accelerated.

What to see on Bosphorus in Dinner Cruise?

What-to -see-on-Bosphorus-in-Dinner-Cruise

Did you see the Bosphorus at night with a unique view of the moon? One of the Bosphorus tour services we provide with our experienced expert staff in the service sector for many years is the Bosphorus night tour. Whether it’s to relieve the stress of work and the day or to celebrate a special day with your guests, our boats are at your service for an unforgettable Bosphorus tour and night Bosphorus tour by watching the Bosphorus.

No need to think about anything with dinner-no food and alcoholic-non-alcoholic night Bosphorus tours. The number of guests and the food and beverage menu is prepared depending on your request, and our expert staff serves for unforgettable.

Bosphorus Dinner Cruise Event


When taking a boat ride on the Bosphorus, you will see magnificent hotels. Some of these hotels are old Ottoman palaces and villas.



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